Do you wish that you could send your kids to school with a healthy lunch...

that they would actually want to eat? 


So did I! But, as a busy parent, I did not have time to make Pinterest worthy lunches every day. So, to keep my sanity, I started recreating some quiches to make with my daughter based on recipes that I used to make with my mom for picnics. I packed them with vegetables and designed kid-portion containers that would make it easy to pack for a lunch box. I added accessories to get kids excited about their lunch and so they could get involved in the preparation. The result is an all-in-one kit for families to prepare healthy packed lunches together ahead of time and avoid scrambling in the morning.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 4.25.42 PM.png

Conquer the Lunch box
in 3 easy steps:



for seasonal ingredients with the illustrated shopping cards and teach your children how to make healthy choices.



with easy-to-follow recipes designed so everyone can participate, turning a daily task into a fun weekend activity.



with special accessories to make stand out and make it your own. Because food can be healthy and beautiful too!

"With the seasonal recipes, This & That Lunch Kit is a great tool for families to incorporate vegetables and fruits into kids' diets. Kids learn about produce with educational shopping lists and get involved in the cooking to get them excited about what they eat. Unlike typical store-bought lunches and deli meat sandwiches that often have unhealthy levels of sodium and sugar, This & That lunch recipes follow USDA and French nutritional guidelines to bring the necessary amounts of vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy, and grains. This & That Lunch containers’ collapsible features are also perfect to make age-appropriate portions."